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Burrata from Paris

Burata - Cucina Mutualité

Yes, you read the menu correctly: at Cucina, the burrata comes from Paris. Can’t be more locavore, can it? But how is it that this Italian specialty is produced on the banks of the Seine River? The answer is Nanina, a cheese workshop located in the Bastille district of Paris. Its founder is called Julien Carotuneto and he is of Neapolitan origin. He produces his cheese with raw milk from buffaloes raised in Cantal by the GIE Châtaigneraie, the only cooperative of its kind in France. No less than 800 litres of milk arrive from Auvergne twice a week and are processed by the caseiro, Franco Picciuolo.

Connoisseurs say Nanina makes the best burrata in Paris. The best mozzarella as well. And a lot of other products lovingly prepared by Julien and his companions and just as delicious. For chef Niran di Blasio, it is pure perfection: deliciously creamy, perfectly firm and with the true taste so typical of buffalo milk. So let yourself be tempted by the Burrata di Parigi!