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Italian colours in a glass

Cocktails Cucina Mutualité

Cocktails take on the colors of Italy. The Spritz, for example. It is offered in a classic version – white wine and sparkling water – and in a spumente version – with prosecco, the famous sparkling white wine. Resolutely Italian too, the Martini Fiero Tonic with its very pronounced orange taste. Or the Negroni (it is said to have been born in Florence) to which the Campari brings a slight hint of bitterness. Without forgetting the Sbagliato also called “the failed americano” because the legend says that, in wanting to make an americano, the bartender inadvertently used prosecco instead of soda.

Many other typical Italian specialties are also on the menu. For example the Sambuca from Luxardo. It is a drink made with green anise from Sicily and elderberries from Padua. The ritual consists of drinking it accompanied by three coffee beans which represent health, prosperity and fertility. Or the liqueur from Contratto, made from slowly cold-macerated herbs and spices.

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