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Nightfall 2023 - Cucina Mutualité - Cicchetti


“Night-Fall is a stroll through contemporary artworks placed within the restaurants themselves, around which the chefs engage in a dialogue by imagining a signature dish”.

Night-Fall Paris is an international meeting place for the senses, at the crossroads of the arts. Initiated by Thomas Hug, Director of artgenève, the festival proposes an ephemeral gastronomic concept, with the aim of creating a meeting space through an immersive artistic scenography and an original menu.

NIGHT FALL 2023 under the sign of urban gardens

From the workshop to the stove, the correspondence between art and gastronomy is in the spotlight from June 24 to July 9, 2023.
On this year’s program, galleries, museums, foundations, artists and chefs are invited to reflect on urban gardens, from contemplative to nourishing, gardens of kings and shared gardens. Urban nature and its colors, structures and forms.

The artist Aethan Wills, Canopy Collections

As part of the new Night-Fall Paris 2023 art event, the walls of Cucina are adorned with works by Japanese-British artist Aethan Wills.

The image of the Japanese garden is central to the work of Japanese-British artist Aethan Wills. For twenty years, he has been interested in the concepts of aesthetics, beauty and the ideal as they manifest themselves in Japanese culture. After training as a sculptor in the United Kingdom, he has devoted himself since 2018 to oil painting on wood and canvas.

At the border between figuration and abstraction, the paintings of Aethan Wills capture moments of Japanese nature that celebrate the four seasons. Cherry blossoms in spring, plum trees heavy with fruit in summer, roots dug up in autumn, or snow falling in winter…


In this twelve-panel composition titled A Season’s Hymn (2020—23), branches, flowers and fruit are transformed into abstract brushstrokes made directly on wood. Going against the tide of Western principles of beauty and taste which are generally based on a phenomenon of fashion and temporary trends, the concept of Japanese aesthetics is rooted in a total philosophy which serves as a guide as to our appreciation of beauty, in life as in art.

The concepts of spontaneity, simplicity and beauty in imperfection are at the heart of this philosophy, which the artist continues to explore in his works, thus offering the
viewer the possibility of decoding what remains invisible or concealed.

Nightfall 2023 - Cucina Mutualité - Cicchetti

An exclusive creation by Alessandro Lucassino

In the kitchen, Chef Alessandro Lucassino is taking inspiration from the Japanese nature depicted by the artist to offer you a delicious Cicchetti throughout the festival: cherry tartlet, fresh almond, aceto balsamico di Modena and lovage.

Night-Fall Art & Food Festival
Saturday June 24 to Sunday July 9, 2023

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